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"…it took a long road to get here, took a brave girl to try…" @aliciakeys - #BrandNewMe

#throwbackpost Jan ‘14 | One fine night at Boleros Bar, Deck 4 - #MarinerOfTheSeas

Listening to Never There by Cake

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A nervous hello
Wonderful hours
______________________ +
Heartbreaking goodbye

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" I’m really cracking. No, I’m beyond cracking, I’m shattered. I’m lost. I’m fragmented. Everyone belongs, knows where they’re going but me. "

- Beatrice Sparks, Go Ask Alice (via wordpainting)


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No One - Alicia Keys (cover)

Phebe Roma Luhukay 1st Birthday! 😇 with Alden and Wanda – Watch on Path.


Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan took some extreme close ups of various animals’ eyes, and the results are stunning.

Using a macro lens, Suren reveals intricate textures and a myriad of colors in the eyes of everything from guinea pigs to amazonian pythons.

Stunning Macro Photos of Animals’ Eyes

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